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Body Art SIGNED paperback - OOP "Video Nasty" Original Cover

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Body Art SIGNED paperback - OOP "Video Nasty" Original Cover

Signed paperback featuring the original "video nasty" cover art, which is now OOP.

If you would like it personalized, please add that in the NOTES section of your order.

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Art comes in many forms.

The human body is a canvas, and as an undertaker, Harold considers himself an artist. His expertise is bringing the appearance of life back to the dead for their wakes. But when his ex-lovers start arriving in body bags, Harold believes he’s receiving a message to create a new masterpiece.

Rutger and Kandi also make their art with flesh. The duo found fame in the golden age of pornography, releasing huge hits in the ’80s and living extravagant lives. Now under the pressure of a new market, one that craves more vile and taboo movies, Rutger hires Kandi once again. This time the job is to create the most shocking porno imaginable. They even draw in two curious teenagers, Toby and Jessica, whose cabin vacation has landed them in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Attracted by all of these creations, a mysterious red dust surrounds these unique artists, bringing their worlds together.

“It’s the lost collaborative film from Larry Flynt and David Cronenberg.”

–Splatterpunk Zine