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Gone to See the River Man SIGNED Paperback - KEY Bundle

Gone to See the River Man SIGNED Paperback - KEY Bundle

*Signed packer back book. IMPORTANT: Books come with signature only, but Kristopher is happy to personalize. Just use the NOTES section upon checkout.

*Sticker (styles vary)

*Kristopher Triana bookmark

*Button (styles vary)

*River Man key bottle opener

*Signature plate.

Super fans. Groupies. Stalkers.

These people will give anything for the idols they worship, be they rock stars, actors or authors. Or even serial killers.

Lori is just such a fanatic. Her obsession is with Edmund Cox, a man of sadistic cruelty who butchered over twenty women. She’s gone so far as to forge a relationship with him, visiting him in prison and sending him letters on a regular basis. She will do anything to get close to him, so when he gives her a task she eagerly accepts it.

She has no idea of the horror that awaits her.

Edmund tells her she must go to his cabin in the woods of Killen and retrieve a key to deliver to a mysterious figure known only as The River Man.

In her quest, she brings along her handicapped sister, and they journey through the deep, dark valley, beginning their trip upriver. It quickly becomes a surreal nightmare, one that digs up Lori’s personal demons, the ones she feels bonds her to Edmund. The river runs with flesh, the cabin is a vault of horrors, and ghostly blues music echoes through the mountains. Soon they will learn that The River Man is not quite fact or folklore, and definitely not human; at least, not anymore. And the key is just the beginning of what is required of Lori to prove she’s worthy of a madman’s love.

Gone to See The River Man is a novel of mind-bending horror from Kristopher Triana (Splatterpunk Award-Winning author of Full Brutal). It is a blues-infused journey into cosmic darkness, soaked in the bloody waters of a nightmare without end.

"Having already proved himself a master of extreme horror with Full Brutal, in Gone To See The River Man, Triana shows he is able to paint his uniquely disturbing visions with a much broader palette. This gloomily atmospheric novel is an excellent and unnerving exercise in steadily mounting dread and an inexorable rendezvous with doom. It fuses family tragedy with phantasmagoric horror in a way that will linger long in memory.”
- Bryan Smith, author of Depraved

“Kristopher Triana pens the most violent, depraved tales with the craft and care of a poet describing a sunset, only the sunset has been eviscerated, and dismembered, and it is screaming."
- Wrath James White, author of The Resurrectionist