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THE OLD LADY - Signed Paperback Bundle

THE OLD LADY - Signed Paperback Bundle

A signed paperback edition of THE OLD LADY. Bundle comes with a Read Kristopher Triana die-cut magnet, sticker, button, and bookmark (styles vary).

All books come signed and can be personalized upon request. Just write the name you'd like in the comments section of your order.


She never wanted to come home.

After the death of her estranged father, Tracey returns to the remote cabin she grew up in. As a traumatized veteran of the Vietnam War, Tracey’s father subjected her to rigorous survival training under brutal conditions, believing it was for her own good. She escaped and never looked back. Now in her fifties with a criminal record, Tracey returns to claim the property she’s inherited.

Hiking through the forest, teenage Alicia and her friends get lost in the snow. They stumble upon a compound run by extremists, and when the teens see too much, only Alicia manages to escape. She searches for help and comes across a secluded cabin.

With the panicked girl banging on her door, Tracey is launched into combat mode, awakening her inner demons. Though she suffers from extreme PTSD, she is skilled in combat, making her a deadly adversary—perhaps too deadly. As a snowstorm hammers down, the women must work together to save Alicia’s friends from their captors.

Alicia has a protector now, but what if this strange old lady is even more dangerous than the people she’s escaped from?

The Old Lady is a new tale of survival horror from Kristopher Triana, author of Gone to See the River Man and Full Brutal, and columnist for Backwoods Survival Guide.

“This hefty novel spews intrigue, drama, and horror like blood from a bayonet wound in the aorta. Maniacal survivalists, a traumatized psychotic, and more guns than a National Guard armory provide the flawless moving parts for this unrelenting body-horror thriller that holds its own against the likes of Ketchum, Slade, and Vachss. With The Old Lady, Triana maintains his seat at the very top of horror’s most relevant scribes.” - Edward Lee, author of The Bighead and The Television

“The Old Lady is pure Triana, full of rich characters, a detailed plot, and enough gore for the most seasoned horror fan.” - Daniel J. Volpe