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Along the River of Flesh - Signed Hardback Bundle

Along the River of Flesh - Signed Hardback Bundle

Signed hardback of Along the River of Flesh, the sequel to my best-selling novel, Gone to See the River Man. This hardback is a website exclusive and available NOW. The book will not see a wide release until August, so anyone who orders this one will get it BEFORE the official release.

Also comes with:
*Collectible two-sided keychain that shows the covers of both book in the River man series.
*Button (styles vary)

NOTE: All books come signed. If you'd like your personalized, please specify that in the notes/comments section of your order.

Having escaped from prison, serial killer Edmund Cox returns to his hometown of Killen. Entering the woods with his “darlings” in his pocket, he begins a new quest along the Hollow River, hoping to make good on one final deal with The River Man.

What Edmund doesn’t realize is he’s not going alone.

Keith Drakeson is one of the police detectives who hunted Cox the first time around, and he considers the killer’s escape an insult to his legacy. Determined to capture the killer again, he follows a hunch that leads him to where Edmund grew up.

Gary Chatmon is a private investigator looking for a missing girl named Jessica Hong, who he believes was one of Edmund Cox’s victims. Jessica was writing a paper on the legend of The River Man before she disappeared.

Gary and Keith decide to team up, but they soon encounter a strange girl. June Audrey is a teenage runaway with a backpack full of articles on Edmund Cox. She too has come to these woods in search of the killer.

The three travelers head upriver, each carrying their own dark secrets as they pursue a man of pure evil, and the local legend some say is behind it all.

Along the River of Flesh is the sequel to the international horror sensation Gone to See the River Man. Picking up where the first book left off, Triana’s transgressive novel builds upon the terrifying world of The River Man, and the miserable souls who dare to find him.