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THE DARK EMBRACE - Limited, Double-Signed Hardback

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THE DARK EMBRACE - Limited, Double-Signed Hardback

PREORDER. Limited to 100 copies. Numbered hardback signed by both Kristopher Triana & Mona Kabbani.

Bundle also comes with:
The Dark Embrace bookmark
Bloody syringe pen
Artist charm bracelet (styles vary)
Dark romance stickers (styles vary)

THIS ITEM IS A PREORDER expected to ship in early May 2024. Preorders begin April 5th at noon EST.

The Dark Embrace features two brand-new novellas that can only be categorized as extreme horror romance. One is written by me, the other by Mona Kabbani, author of Vanilla.

Kristopher Triana’s Because You’re Mine

Bryan’s elderly mother is terminally ill, and that’s the way he likes it. Mom comes from old money, making it easy for Bryan to hire an in-home nurse, but he’s looking for someone to provide a special kind of treatment, something he’s long fantasized about.

Shelby is a nurse with a horrible secret. When she begins caring after Bryan’s mother, the two strike up an unlikely kinship, bonding over their troubled pasts and hidden desires. Together, the older Bryan begins teaching Shelby classic methods of diabolism, and she teaches him about the modern tools of their terrifying trade, making them a duo to die for.

Mona Kabbani’s The Color of Blood

Love, lust, art, and blood.

Void’s greatest fear is being seen as a monster, not an artist. He revels in his fame but hides his greatest secret: his success is attributed to his uncanny ability to see the color of a person’s soul. This color not only infects a person’s aura but their anatomy, turning their insides into dazzling pigment. Void targets those with the rarest colors and drains their blood for his paint. None know of his secret, and he has found solace in the solitude of his life. That is until he meets an unprecedented muse who is more than happy to bleed for him.