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A Fine Evening in Hell - SIGNED Paperback

A Fine Evening in Hell - SIGNED Paperback

Signed paperback, bookmark, button, and sticker.

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On the verge of divorce, Heather needs some excitement in her life, but she’s about to get more than she bargained for. On a date with a younger man, the two park at an abandoned warehouse for some intimate privacy, unaware of the criminals using the dilapidated building as a hideout. Max and Bastian have just pulled a big heist. Now they’re running from vengeful gangsters, dirty cops, and demented ex-cons.

When things go wrong, the criminals take Heather hostage, forcing her to drive them across state lines on a snowy night. What began as a night of fun quickly becomes a nightmare—not only for Heather, but for Max and Bastian as well. If she’s ever going to get home to her child, Heather must fight to survive, even if it means working with the men who abducted her.

A Fine Evening in Hell is a taut, gripping thriller from Kristopher Triana, the award-winning author of Gone to See the River Man and Shepherd of the Black Sheep. It is a novel about new starts and last chances, facing up to consequences, and the courage that comes with motherhood.