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That Night in the Woods - SIGNED HARDBACK Bundle

That Night in the Woods - SIGNED HARDBACK Bundle

Get my latest horror novel a month in advance!

THAT NIGHT IN THE WOODS will be released in paperback and ebook by Cemetery Dance this October. But why wait when you can get a SIGNED HARDBACK RIGHT NOW exclusively through TRIANAHORROR? This is the perfect read for spooky season and it comes with all sorts of treats for your hollowed out pumpkin pail!

Signed hardback of the novel
That Night in the Woods magnet
That Night in the Woods bookmark
Trick 'R Treat Bag filled with random Halloween goodies
Trianahorror sticker
Read Kristopher Triana Button (styles vary)
Halloween stickers (styles vary)

NOTE: All books come signed by the author. If you'd like them personalized, please specify that in the notes/comments section of your order.

This has been a divisive book amongst readers! What will your take be on the shocking twists?


When Jennifer receives a message from Scott Dwyer after twenty years without contact, her first reaction is one of excitement. Scott was her first love. Now in her forties and in the middle of a divorce, nostalgia for her youth gets the better of her.

Scott invites Jennifer to his house in Redford, the town she grew up in. It’s a place she’s tried to put behind her, for not all childhood memories are sunny. When she accepts Scott’s invite, she struggles with mixed feelings, especially when she learns of the death of Steven Winters, one of her childhood friends.

Scott invites three people from their past to honor Steven’s memory—Corey, Traci, and Mark. But the group is more than old friends. They share a dark secret that has troubled them for decades. Now it’s time to face their traumatic pasts. Together, they must unravel the mystery of what happened in the patch of forest behind Scott’s house, a place once known as Suicide Woods.

From the author of Gone to See the River Man comes a chilling novel that reminds us that old ghosts are the ones that haunt us most.