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Ballad of the Werevixens - Signed BUNDLE

Ballad of the Werevixens - Signed BUNDLE

NOTE: All books come signed. If you would like them personalized, please add that in the COMMENTS section of your order.


* Triana Button
*Wolf and Horror stickers (styles vary)
*Glow-in-the-dark koyote fangs

Years after battling the dreaded outlaws known as the Koyotes, Delia Van Vracken travels mountains and valleys, hunting demons that managed to escape Hell. But also traveling across the plains is Balthazar Rott, a subhuman who's been alive for centuries. He's searching for something Delia hoped was forever buried, bringing with him a band of bloodthirsty brides. Meanwhile, young prostitute Josie is discovering new changes about herself, particularly when the moon is full. And when sisters Emma and Pearl find a strange sphere in the hands of a dead preacher, they must band together with crusaders to bring the relic to The Reckoning, before the Werevixens come.

Ballad of the Werevixens is the thunderous sequel to The Thirteenth Koyote, part of a trilogy of horror-western epics by Splatterpunk Award-winner Kristopher Triana, author of Gone to See the River Man and Shepherd of the Black Sheep. It celebrates the strength of the women of the American West, weaving a stunning tale of horror, hardship, and hope.