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Your Obituary Written by Kristopher Triana - Limited to 5

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Your Obituary Written by Kristopher Triana - Limited to 5

Are you ready to die? Have your obituary written by Kristopher Triana to appear in issue #3 of The Obituaries! This purchase DOES NOT include the issue itself. It is solely to have your photo appear in the obituaries section of the book, and the cost of the ill-fated write up. The book itself can be purchased upon release in December of 2022.

By purchasing this item from, your custom obituary will be written by Kristopher Triana. Visit to get one by Aron Beauregard and for one written by Daniel Volpe.

Should you choose to be morbidly immortalized in The Obituaries Issue #3 Special Xmas Edition. Here is what you’ll get:

- A minimum of 100 words written about your tragic death, life, and times
- A photo of your choice appearing in the newspaper style obituaries column

Should you dare to purchase this feature, here is what we’ll need from you. In an email addressed to, please send the following:

- 1 Photo of yourself that you’d like to be included in the column
- 3 fun facts about yourself (they can be real or fake, we’ll write about whatever you’d like)
- Your full name and the age that you’d like to appear as in the column

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you’d like to purchase this as a gift, please send all the standard details requested above for the person you’re buying it for. We also ask that you please ensure the person is comfortable with this type of mock obituary.